Here’s a familiar face to fans of Harajuku fashion – it’s Vani from 6%DOKIDOKI. Besides being a regular presence on the streets of Harajuku, Vani has also traveled around the world promoting 6%DOKIDOKI’s vision of “Kawaii Anarchy”.

Vani is wearing a long winter coat over a 6%DOKIDOKI dress (“one piece” in Japanese), super colorful fishnet tights, and over-the-knee black boots. To compliment her amazing rainbow Japanese flag hairstyle, Vani’s wearing several sparkling hair bows, a big silver star hair clip, and a dangling stars hair clip – all from 6%DOKIDOKI. Her other 6%DOKIDOKI accessories include a pink bow choker (with a 6%DOKIDOKI Bearbrick hanging from it), a shooting star necklace, and various other kawaii rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

For more information on Vani and 6%DOKIDOKI, check out the Harajuku brand on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Vani always looks amazing!!! Her hair style is unique and I love that pink 6% dokidoki necklace!!!

  2. Dreaded Queen

    I’m surprised to not see her with the other Doki Doki model. She is like an anime heroin come to life. I love her little eyebrow jewels and her coat with the tall boots!

  3. Crypt Lover

    Wow, Vani always looks fabulous!
    Love that black dress with the pink bows!
    With Pink & Black, she can never go wrong!
    Oh yeah, there were a few other colors in there too! LOL

  4. She’s got the most spectacular hairstyle I’ve ever seen! It looks like she was born with all those stars and hair bows *.*

  5. crazed girl

    She’s a fucking rockstar…. i will have a beer with her one day.

  6. She changed the color of her hair again? I like it! I lover her style. She really knows how to keep the hair matching the clothes she wears.