Ryota is 19 and he’s a beauty college student. We met him in Harajuku when he was wearing a colorful outfit with flip flops.

His anarchic Mickey Mouse t-shirt is a resale item which he paired patchwork pants and a jacket, both from Dog Harajuku. His zipper clutch and spike flip flops are also from Dog Harajuku. He is also wearing a lion head necklace and a couple of rings.

We asked Ryota where he likes to shop, and he told us he’s into Dog and Candy. His favorite music is Gilgamesh, and he’s active on Twitter.

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  1. I love him and his style!! He looks he gots an owie on his big toe :(

  2. Paranoia precinct

    When someone says “those shoes look like they hurt” its not usually followed by “other people” (o.0) The lion necklace is so cool!

  3. Wait a sec….why does he have a nazi sign on his shirt?!?!?!

  4. Elizaveta

    I dont like nazi sign on his t-shirt. Do not be surprised if he does not know what that means.

  5. Great style! awesome colors
    Except for tht Nazi sign :S it should never be used in fashion

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