This stylish-and-striking pink-haired Japanese girl is 21-year-old Ayaka. She’s a student at Bunka Fashion College and she works at the famous Dog Harajuku boutique. We’ve photographed her before, and Ayaka was featured on the cover of FRUiTS magazine earlier this year.

Ayaka’s outfit includes a red tank top under a sleeveless tie dyed crochet vest and black shorts. Her accessories include a pair of white-framed sunglasses that she bought used and a used tan leather handbag from UTA. Ayaka’s black leather Demonia shoes trimmed with red plaid fabric and black lace look like turned-down boots. A wide red belt worn low on her hips is the perfect finishing touch to her outfit.

We asked Ayaka about her favorite shops and the answer was Dog Harajuku and UTA.

Tie dyed crochet vest & Demonia shoes

Red tank top & tie dyed crochet vest

Pink hair & used sunglasses

Used leather bag from UTA

Demonia shoes w/ red plaid fabric & black lace

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  1. She looks awesome!! Love it! =D even my mum loves it haha! XD

  2. I want those shoes!!!! Any idea where to get those thru blogshops?? :((( I miss harajuku where I cld get those HOT shoes :(((

  3. I have a knit shirt like that! I should tye-die it, too! It looks so cute!

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  5. gjsoidhlhg OMG I LOVE THAT BAG. her style is great; love that hair!