Here’s someone we see around Harajuku often – and whose unique sense of style has landed her in plenty of Japanese street snap magazines & websites. It’s Minami (aka 373)! Minami is a staffer at Harajuku’s Tokyo Bopper.

Minami is wearing a black Comme des Garcons top with handmade high waist cropped pants and Belly Button shoes from Tokyo Bopper. Accessories – some of which came from Azusa Iio – include a pretty hairband, a dangling earring, a colorful necklace, a polka dot belt, several bracelets, and a red Vivienne Westwood clutch.

If you’d like to know more about Minami, check out her personal Twitter.

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  1. Wo, her make-up is cool ! And I love this black/white & red association, simple but it rocks !

  2. I’m insanely in love with that hair accesory!
    and she is so beautiful. Everything suits her perfectly :)

  3. Dreaded Queen

    I like this. Very laid back. Normally I think dressy when high waisted pants come into play. Love the accessories too! Good to see Minami again!

  4. Sammyswisso

    Symmetry with the matching colour glasses , purse & red lipstick ~ cool hair headdress ~ sweet natural feel ^^

  5. This look is very eighties, but Minami updates it well. She is so beautiful she’d look great in anything.