This 21-year-old blonde Japanese guy told us that he’s studying to be a beautician when we photographed him in Harajuku. His vertically striped green blazer was purchased at BerBerJin, his jeans are by Factotum, and his boots are from Dorama in Kyoto. His bag is a black leather vintage-looking backpack. He also told us that Dorama is his favorite shop.

Harajuku Guys Street Fashion

Green Striped Blazer in Tokyo

Harajuku Guys Fashion

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  1. i’m sorry, but he looks like a stalker ^^; i’d say blonde isn’t really his color…

  2. Hahahahaaaa that is also MY school blazer! That’s a Farnborough Hill original – the brown stripe is black these days. How did it find it’s way to JAPAN?! Oh my goodness. Amazing. PS Farnborough Hill is an all girls’ school.

  3. thats my blazer too! gotta love farnborough hill deckchairs…

  4. My school blazeer. Why would someone wear that willingly ?

  5. And mine!! im getting it out the shed and selling it

  6. oh how funny…who knew it might ever be a fashion item. I bet he’s not wearing the green gym knickers or the green beret with the red pompom!

  7. Ummmmmm there is no mistaking that for anything else – it is DEFINITELY a farnborough hill blazer. You can even see the little emblem! Haha who knew the stripey blazer everyone hated to wear was actually a fashion item… haha! Where the hell did he get this from?!

  8. mines got all da signatures on from when i left 5th form-must b worth a fortune with them on!

  9. Ahahaha love how that’s my old school blazerrr. Good old fanny hill

  10. Hahahaha! That’s my old school blazer too!! You’ve got to love farnborough hill!!! What other schools blazer could get half way round the world! Does he know that it’s a blazer for an all girls school and that they don’t come in man sizes :P

  11. Caroline

    Anyone noticed he has the cherished FH shoes as well?! is this some sort of cross continent application? award for dedication to the school anyone?

  12. I recognise that blazer. =D Vintage. A guy asked me where he could get one once, clearly it’s a very fashionable uniform. =P

    He DOES have the shoes! LMAO. I wonder if he would paint them…

  13. Scarlett

    Wheeeeeeeeeeey! That’s my blazer! And to think that we complain about our deck chair blazers :)

  14. Who would willingly want to wear our blazer? Lol thats the original one the new one looks slightly better! Ha ha ha this guy is such a nub, someone must have paid him to do this!

  15. I’ve still got my Farnborough Hill blazer somewhere – must remember to take it with me if I ever go to Japan :-) I wonder if he’s got the fawn socks on too…

  16. What in the name of all things holy is my old school blazer doing on a fashion website? The world’s gone mad.

  17. Perhaps someone should tell him? Nah…

    My ex FH daughter recognised it too and sent me the link.

  18. My school blazer also! Had thought about wearing it post Farnborough Hill….but it’s a wee bit distinctive. I wonder how this guy got hold of one….

  19. Weeeey, that’s definitely a Fanny Hill blazer, no mistaking it! This is very mysterious as to how he has one….hmmmm, well, it’s not mine, but I can totally copy his look! :P

  20. I can confirm it is a Farnborough Hill blazer! I still have mine, though don’t wear it as a fashion statement! How weird!!

  21. HAHAHAHHAHAHA My blazer!!! :L bet they paid him to do that..who in there right mind would wear that out!! hhahahahaha

  22. Brilliant!! Thats my old school blazer!! Who knew Farnboro Hill girls were such trend setters :-) I rocked it 1993 – 1999!!

  23. Bizarre. This is the blazer that my daughters wore at their school.
    Farnborough Hill Coventry Girls school!!! In the UK

  24. Chris Longley

    My school blazer too, but not mine personally as I still have it!

  25. Maria Harrison

    Definitely a Fanny Hill blazer. I hated those things.