Marimo is a model who we often see around Harajuku. This time, we met her near the famous Shibuya Scramble intersection.

In addition to her blue and silver shaved hairstyle, Marimo’s look features a t-shirt and sweater from the Japanese brand C-Closet Park with black skinny jeans by Emoda and Spinns platforms. Accessories include lots of ear piercings, a labret piercing, a leather o-ring choker, a large chain necklace, silver band rings, and a Unif bag (not pictured).

Marimo’s favorite brands include C-Closet Park and Unif. She also enjoys the music of Sid. For more info, find Marimo on Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. I love this look! Her hair; her piercings; her outfit, everything. The entire look is just inspiration.

    Thanks for the great photography!

  2. the hair!!!! and everything is my aesthetic:))) shes super cute too!!!