These cute girls in sundresses are 18-year-old students. The girl on the right with a bob haircut is Ueno. Her short blue dress with white trim is from One Spo, a Shibuya 109 brand. Her Peach John shoes are red gingham espadrille platforms with sweet red bows. Her black leather bag is from Ozoc.

Ueno said her favorite places to shop are Sly and G2?

The girl on the right with long hair is Masubuchi. Her blue gingham dress is from Jayro. Masubuchi said her favorite brand is Delyle — she’s carrying a black quilted Delyle purse from Ozoc. Her strappy black sandals coordinate well with her bag.

We asked Ueno and Masubuchi about their favorite music and they both named the rock band Bump of Chicken.
Blue sundresses & Ozoc bags

Blue dress with white trip from One Spo

Black Ozoc bag

Peach John gingham espradilles

Blue gingham dress from Jayro

Quilted Delyle purse from Ozoc

Black sandals with braided straps

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  1. OMG!! they’re sooo cutee!! ♥ I really love the clothes and shoes of Ueno! ♥

  2. Dominique

    those dresses look so cute!!! meh luv dem!!!!!

  3. Love Ueno’s dress and Masubuchi’s shoes! <3 i really want!