Onomi, a 21-year-old student, is ready for cooler weather in a short camel wool coat and a long plaid scarf tied around her neck. Her black suede shoes from Tokyo Bopper look cute with black tights.

Onomi’s accessories, some of which are from Theatre Products, include stylish leopard-print gloves, a black derby hat and a single earring that consists of a small bottle complete with cork. She’s also carrying a black fabric Theatre Products bag.

We asked Onomi about her favorite music and her answer was Dj Tsue. Her favorite fashion brand is Uniqlo.
Derby Hat, Leopard Print Gloves & Bottle Earring

Plaid scarf & camel coat

Bottle earring & derby

Theatre Products bag

Tokyo Bopper shoes

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  1. NekoSheila

    I really like how it is just so simple and yet so cute.

  2. LOVE the outfit! especially the earrings of hers!

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