Dip Dye vs Twintails, Silver Clutch & Platforms in Shibuya

Here are two friendly girls – one with twintails, the other with green dip dye hair – who caught our eye on Fire Dori in Shibuya.

The girl on the left is wearing a blue hoodie with a blue dress, graphic tights, and sparkling platforms. Accessories include a choker, several rings, a bracelet, and a silver clutch with a convenient hand strap. Her friend’s outfit features a knit sweater over a lace dress, graphic tights, and graphic platforms. Accessories include a white cap and a box handbag.

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  1. 1.

    Shinobuヽ(^。^)丿 (April 20, 2013)

    They are both looking awesome! ^u^
    I love the girl to the left’s hair, it looks really cute and stylish!

  2. 2.

    beatriz (April 20, 2013)

    the girl with twintails reminded me Ayamo (>_<). the two girls are really beautiful!

  3. 3.

    SanFlavia (April 20, 2013)

    loved ,perfect :)))))))))))

  4. 4.

    CJ (April 20, 2013)

    I think the young lady on the left has one more accessory: tinted contact lenses. Love those eyes! Matches her outfit!

  5. 5.

    Karol (April 20, 2013)

    so cute and stylish

  6. 6.

    Cat (May 5, 2013)

    I guess they both hate their noses. They look fab tho!

  7. 7.

    kwkyori (May 25, 2013)

    Love the left one’s tights!!! super cute and not overbearing!!! super cute ><''

  8. 8.

    Aky ♥ (May 28, 2013)

    The girl with twintails looks really cute ♥

  9. 9.

    Amaya (June 30, 2013)

    The tights and shoes combo of the girl in the right *_* so pretty HER SHOES I WANT THEM

  10. 10.

    Sofia (July 5, 2013)

    why are they covering their noses all the time omg

  11. 11.

    agata (August 17, 2013)

    Very cool and both girls are really pretty :)

  12. 12.

    Minnie (October 7, 2013)

    Amaya I must agree!

  13. 13.

    Seiji (January 31, 2014)

    Both are very beautiful!!! I like to dress like the one on the left, but she definitely does it better than me!!! ;)

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