If you read our recent news item on the giant furry shoulder bag by Foppish, you might have thought it would be the cutest Japanese bag of the fall 2009 season. We thought so too. Then we met the Furry Eye Ball Monster by Candy Stripper…

Candy Stripper Japanese Purse

The always cute (kawaii!) Japanese fashion brand Candy Stripper has definitely outdone Foppish – and everyone else – with the creation of this large lavender shoulder bag that they officially call the “Eye Ball Monster Fur Bag”. Anti-fur activists need not worry, though, the Candy Stripper website promises that this bag is made of fake fur – not fur from a real lavender colored Japanese monster.

Candy Stripper’s main shop is located in Harajuku, but the Eye Ball Monster Fur Bag is available exclusively through their online store. In fact, it’s the second best selling item in their online store right now even though it won’t ship until October. The bag is priced at 9,240 yen, which is about US$100. The exact size is not listed, but the bag looks huge judging by the pictures showing it on the girl’s arm. Speaking of pictures, this is not an item that can be adequately described – it must be seen to be believed…

The front of the bag:
Candy Stripper Eye Ball Monster Bag

The word “Candy” (like Candy Stripper) on the back of the bag:
Cute Lavender Candy Stripper Bag

The interior of the bag with nice star details and the brand name:
Candy Stripper Bag Interior - Cute

Having a monster bag means you’ll feel guilty putting him in the closet:
Huge Eyes On A Japanese Bag

You can see how big the bag is in the this photo – not a small monster:
Candy Stripper Eye Ball Monster Fur Bag

So, if you’re looking for the perfect bag to carry to the world premiere of the upcoming “Where The Wild Things Are” movie, check out the Candy Stripper website for more “Eye Ball Monster” goodness.

This is another limited release bag that’s almost guaranteed to sell out, you’ve been warned!

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