This Harajuku girl with braids and a face mask is Mio. She is wearing a monochrome outfit with lots of eclectic accessories.

Mio told us she borrowed the jacket she’s wearing from her mother, and she paired it with a skirt from Grimoire. Her doll face bag is from the well-known Harajuku shop Bunkaya Zakkaten and her cutout rocking horse shoes are Tokyo Bopper. Most of her accessories are from Bunkaya Zakkaten and an “ethnic shop” – include earrings, beads bracelets, various necklaces, teeth rings and printed tights. She is also wearing a white Bunkaya Zakkaten backpack with a wooden insert.

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  1. Great dolly kei outfit, I love her Verum tights and her mother’s jacket

  2. dark and mysterious :) don’t care for the baby doll bag or backpack or the teeth rings worn on fingers.