This is Kouki, an 18-year-old student. His coat, which is handmade, is closed at the waist with a sash that resembles a Japanese obi. (Check the photos below to see the unique cut of this coat). He’s also wearing a black hooded sweater and leggings from Mikio Sakabe.

Kouki’s gray and orange sneakers are from Raf Simons. His handmade accessories include two plastic rings, one featuring a large eyeball. His patent leather bag is from Koenji Bubble.

Kouki told us his favorite designer is Tomohiro Tokita and his favorite band is The Beatles.
Handmade Coat & Raf Simons Sneakers

Short-backed coat & leggings

Hooded sweater & coat

Patent leather bag from Koenji Bubble.

Large eyeball ring

Raf Simons sneakers

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  1. Hair is dope… not that sure about the rest…

  2. Mickie Xaviera Kennedy

    Shoes messed it up! I got a good idea of he should of wore for that. Other then he looks great!!

  3. The question is, is he dressed semi-conservatively for the men or for the ladies? Nice coat, but I’d ditch the purse.

  4. no no no no and once more no!
    c’ mon……………………………………….

  5. Viktoria

    It’s always interesting how crazy the ideas Japanese street fashion could present us with! :D Love it! Especially for the fact that it’s handmade (I always have the urge to click on detailed pictures when the title has ‘handmade’ in it. it’s so original! ) other than the fact whether I’d use it or agree to it, I applaud the idea and the braveness to differ! Thanks for taking these pictures! :D

  6. Stephanie

    Yeah the hair is very nice and other then the shoes the rest is ok.
    Love the “coat”.

  7. Stephanie

    just some simply black pants & black or matching red shoes would have done the trick.

  8. I like the front… but the back…. better not to comment about it :/

  9. The obi is beautiful and the rings are sooo unique.
    But the bottom and the sneakers…ummm they’re not too fit in together.

  10. Valeria Archuleta

    Love the hair. Cute face, the bottom ruins it though :<