Maro is a Japanese girl with a kawaii sense of style who we’ve been seeing around Harajuku for quite a while now.

Maro’s look this time features a colorful twintails and shaved hearts hairstyle with a pink resale sweater over a “kuma-kuma” print sweatshirt by 7-san (that’s what she said), a cute Milklim polka dot mini skirt, cloud print tights, and ribbon-laced Swankiss platform shoes. Accessories – some of which came from Sakura1Tama – include cute decora-style hair clips, star face stickers, a star necklace, and a 6%DOKIDOKI tote bag decorated with cute plush toys.

Maro’s favorite fashion brands include Milklim and 6%DOKIDOKI. For more info and pictures, find her on Instagram or Twitter.

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