Here’s Mananan and Kako, two girls whose interesting street styles caught our eye on the Harajuku street.

At the left we have Kako, a medical student sporting long twin tails. She is dressed in a neon green sweatshirt, layered with a blue face shirt, and paired with a black floral print skirt, all of which are sourced from Peco Club. She styled her layered tops with a white detached ruffle collar from WEGO, wore black ruffle suspenders with neon-colored trims, donned yellow socks, and stepped into colorblock boots from Yosuke. A yellow backpack with purple zipper trims from Peco Club completed her ensemble. Kako loves to shop at Peco Club, and she likes listening to pop music. Follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Mananan – a 17-year-old student – stepped out in a long-sleeved floral print dress with front ruffles, bought from Style Nanda. She cinched her dress with a black garterized belt with a gold buckle, donned black socks and stepped into a pair of black lace-up heeled shoes. Mananan lists RRR and Peco Club as her fashion favorites, and she enjoys the music of South Korean girl group, Twice. Mananan is also active on Instagram.

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