Here’s a friendly Harajuku punk rocker who we spotted on the street near LaForet. This is not the first time we’ve met him, either.

On this day, he was wearing another 1970s punk outfit – featuring a studded leather jacket, a graphic t-shirt, jeans, and black leather boots. Additional touches included a large anarchy symbol and a batman pin.

Update: If you’d like to know more about this guy, he is on Twitter here.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.


  1. I saw him before… in my dreams (corny!but woaaah ikemen <3 )
    So hardcore!!!

  2. Starlight

    Can I have him for christmas? Pretty pleeease?
    No, but really, I am so in love with his look! It says so much, without having to be totally over-done. Perfect!
    (and he’s kinda cute too, heh)

  3. Awesooooooooome, OMG!!! Everything!!! ( * ▽ * )ノ

  4. i saw him in my dreams too… absolutely in love with his style perfect<3

  5. Oh man…he is a super handsome guy with great style…damn it Japan, stop it! I’m so jealous!

  6. I love the vibe in this streetsnap! Good job in hunting this cool guy :O

  7. ou MY….. 0_0
    I like the atmosphere, photography … clothes and a man.))

  8. Where have you got this studded leather jacket? What is the brands name?

  9. He reminds me of Sid Vicious from the sex pistols!!!

  10. jennifer

    omg he’s like reincarnation of sid vicious <3 LOVEEE

  11. BungeeGam

    cool i think but looks like a drug addict xD cool cool cool

  12. oh man , i think i’m in love , so much hotness , it’s hard to handle !!!!!!

  13. Brittney

    I want him for my 21st Birthday please !! lol

  14. In the picture of him smoking… he really looks like Masanobu Ando..

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