While taking a walk along the streets of Tokyo, we came across Kureha and Kan, two blonde Japanese students wearing striking ensembles.

At the left is 18-year-old Kan, who stepped out in a resale black sleeveless Dope shirt, which he wore over a black mesh sweatshirt. He paired his tops with resale cuffed jeans with ripped detailing, cinched it with a black belt, and finished off his style with pointy, metallic lace-up shoes from John Lawrence Sullivan. His accessories – mostly from Spinns – consist of a black leather o-ring choker with chain trims, silver earrings, labret piercings, a silver watch, multiple silver knuckle rings and silver and purple chains hanging from his pants. Kan’s fashion favorite is Focus, and he likes listening to the music of Yutaka Ozaki. Kan is active on Instagram, follow him!

Meanwhile, Kureha is dressed in a resale black Iron Maiden printed t-shirt with ripped details and safety pin embellishments, tucked into a pleated skirt with a plaid pattern, which she bought online. The 16-year-old student styled her skirt with a black leather grommet belt, donned purple ribbed socks with flame prints, and stepped into black velvet lace-up shoes. Accessories from Kinji include earrings, a lip ring, a silver chain necklace, and a silver knuckle ring. In addition, she is carrying a resale dinosaur plushie backpack. Kureha loves to shop at Oh Pearl, and she enjoys the music of Sekai No Owari. Kuraha is also active on Instagram.

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