Hinako and Kaede told us that they are both 17 years old when we met them on the street in Harajuku.

Kaede – on the left with the long hair, bangs, and cat eye makeup – is active on Twitter as Darkness_998. She is wearing a top from Pin Nap with a resale sukajan jacket. Her tights feature hearts, and she paired them with tall buckle platform sandals. Her tote is from Nadia, her heart necklace is Bubbles, and she’s also wearing an armor ring. Kaede’s favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood, and she’s a fan of Avril Lavigne’s music.

Hinako – on the right in light colors – is also active on Twitter. She is wearing an American Apparel top with a leather sleeves jacket and a cowl, as well as shorts. Her bag was bought from Zara, and her boots from Dr. Martens. American Apparel and Zara are Hinako’s favorite shops.

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