Kou and Roshikun are two stylish guys who both work at Spinns.

Kou is the one to the right, and he’s 20. He’s wearing a Thrasher t-shirt with plaid shorts and shirt from United Arrow. His sneakers are Vans, and his accessories include a spike cap, a bandana, earrings (gauged, stretched & star) and piercings, an Alice Black skull ring, and a studded bracelet. He told us his favorite label is Vinti Andrews and that he’s a fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Roshikun is 22 and he’s wearing a Juvenile Hall Rollcall t-shirt with denim bottoms from SASQUATCHfabrix and a camouflage shirt tied at the waist. He is also wearing a cap and Undercover x Vans slip-ons, with bracelets from Gara. He told us he likes the Japanese brand Blackmeans, the Harajuku shop Honey’s Dead, and punk music.

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  1. I love the long haired guys bracelets! So cool