Takahiko and Mika are a stylish couple we met in Harajuku. The pops of orange in their outfits, as well as the authentic Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes they were both wearing, really caught our eye.

Takahiko works in the cosmetics business. He’s wearing a beige coat by Jil Sander with bright pants, Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes, and a Chrome Hearts scarf. He’s wearing his pouch like a crossover bag.

Mika works in the beauty industry as well, and has her own line of cosmetics. Her outfit consists of a Vivienne Westwood skirt and a matching Issey Miyake coat, with an orange beret, scarf and glasses. Her bag is Celine and she paired it with knitted socks and Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes. When asked what she likes to wear, she told us: “Orange! I want to give the world energy! I’ve been wearing orange for over 10 years!”

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  1. WestwoodBlues

    Wow, they’re both so stylish ! The whole orange outfit is very well paired !

  2. Karolina Choi

    It’s my first time seeing a man wearing horse shoes :L Kinda weird but also very refreshing!

  3. stylish couple, I wanna be like them when I’m old ^_^

  4. Thanks for featuring a more mature and stylish couple! I think this is one of your best street snaps. They both look great and can see how happy they are together! :D

  5. emi-chan

    that’s shoes awesome like a modern geta, kawai ^^ so amazing outfit

  6. Can’t believe it! I used to wear a total orange outfit about five years ago (and I still do it today :P)! Amazing! This lady and I should meet :’D LOL