Model: Minori
Photographer: Kira
Fashion, Hair & Makeup: Minori
Concept: Minori
Extra: Minori Video Interview



  1. This was simply amazing. BEAUTIFUL photos!!!! I love the way the light was used to make her look “out of place” but perfectly IN PLACE at the same time. Scary, provocative and exceptionally lovely.

  2. Haruka Ciel

    SUGOIII !!!!!
    this picture make me speechless…hontou ni beautiful :D

  3. KawaiiKiwi

    I don’t mean to be a downer or anything but these pics really freak me out and whats with the cracked china baby? Gives me the shivers.

  4. thanks to share this amazing session. Love the concept. Great dreamy images. I open a board in my Pinterest to show. I share your we site too. Great work. I-LOVE-IT!!! (I put 10 of them in my savescreen changing each 5 seconds…)

  5. Domenica Guevara

    Minori’s work is so beautifull!! She is my inspiration and also my favorite shironuri idol in the world <3 <3

  6. Sephira Moonsliver

    A very beautiful, elfin-like fantasy look/image in all the photos. seems surreal and yet so perfect. i am thinking did she get her inspiration from Malice Mizer (Mana)? It is very creative of her to incorporate the kimono obi belt into her outfit. Very mystical and grand photoshoot! I am so in love with the photos :O)

  7. Amazing, surreal and stunnig!!!
    Love the way you managed every concept, they are easy to follow and feel…

  8. So beautiful and dreamy, it’s like she is the spirit of the forest itself. Absolutely wonderful!

  9. whatever

    i love the colors and design of hair and the makeup which are amazingly awesome!!

  10. REALLY beautiful ^ 7 ^
    and it reminds me of angel sanctuary style * Q *

  11. Sugoi!!! I especially LOVE the last few pictures. The colors are really pretty!

  12. Pat Lyttle

    I love the images you’ve shot here. I met Minori in Harajuku a few weeks ago in mid June. She’s ever so cute, so nice. I only mot a few street style snaps of her but she’s a dream. a total pro at what she does. Give me a shout if you’re ever in London.

  13. Pat Lyttle

    I love the images you’ve shot here. I met Minori in Harajuku a few weeks ago in mid June. She’s ever so cute, so nice. I only shot a few street style snaps of her but she’s a dream. a total pro at what she does. Give me a shout if you’re ever in London.

  14. I am absolutely amazed again !!! . I just love this style so much and her imagination of making these clothing’s. Her makeup skills are so wonderful with the flower details and the colour combines very nicely together.I am very proud to met such a beautiful girl with her imaginations . I hope to see more of her style around Harajuku if I ever go there

  15. That’s So Pretty! TwT She is so beautiful and the close-ups are really stunning! I love the detail in the makeup! (The costumes were really great too!)

  16. I also really liked the last dress. It had an “East meets West” feel to it with the obi and the western style dress. And the Hat was adorable!

  17. Wow. Just Wow ! :D So Amazing. Its like a Fairy. I love it !

  18. Rex Harrison

    I’m just in awe! The video of this shoot was impressive, but the photos themselves are particularly brilliant. Hats off to the photographer; lovely work, every image is sublime. Minori herself has crafted an amazing character, with elements of fairy tale, Pre-Raphaelite, Shakespearean Comedy/Fantasy and manga all cobbled together to spectacular effect. It has historical precedents, too – it’s easy to see geisha aspects and both Noh and Kabuki theatre elements – but beyond all that is her own fabulous imagination. Although they come from quite different generations and cultures, I can’t help but compare her to Verushka, the model famous for her extraordinary body painting. I hope Minori continues with her art (because she has elevated dressing up into art!), I’m sure it can be extended even further, perhaps into theatre or cinema.

  19. come and join to Indonesia, I will cosplay Shironuri for KostuMasa HelloFest 2013 Jakarta, Indonesia soon.
    will be held on 9th-10th November 2013.

  20. amazing. as i scroll down its like I’m already watching a fashion expo throughout the evening. very awesome.

  21. Лера

    о бооже,она прекрасна!!давно видела эти фотографии на разных сайтах и не могла найти источник,как же мне нравится этот стиль. Все детали проработаны и на фото это выглядит потрясающе!) жаль что там где я проживаю подобного не одобрят окружающие,как впрочем и многие другие стили одежды из Японии((

  22. Lovely pictures Your best shots are when you look away or beyond the camera or eyes closed Keep finding your joy and let no one take it away :)

  23. She looks so divine in these photos. Her style is so beautiful! ( ^ω^ )

  24. Lia Lolita

    I love her so much! I’m from Germany. If you wear subcultural clothes and/or make up, theres no way to get through streets withoutpeople laughing about you. That hurts. But I will wear outfits like that at conventions. Just because Minori made me loving them so much, i can’t stop thinking about it!

  25. hikarikoi

    Модель и одежда просто потрясающие т_т
    Отличные фотографии.

  26. Wow, she looks so beautiful; like she’s out of this world :) It’s almost as if she could see into your soul and stuff

  27. Just amazing! I love the last setup the most, I reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Minori is indeed living art!

  28. Can Isay breathtakingly beautifull and terrifying at the same time…..I must have one of my photographers do something similar with me….