Yohko is a Japanese model and fashion blogger who we met on the street in Shibuya after dark. Her blue underdyed hair (which can’t really be seen in the pics) and gold wedges are the first things that caught our eye.

Yohko is wearing a bustier top dress with a fuzzy black sweater and Jeffrey Campbell “SNICK 2PTO” suede gold platform wedges. Her stylish black clutch is from Zara.

If you’d like to see more pictures of Yohko, and read about her fashion adventures in Tokyo, check out her official blog.

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  1. ♥Aky♥

    Her sweater looks so soft, I absolutely love it. Oh, and her clutch is gorgeous. Nice outfit.

  2. Love how the gold on the shoes is the only accent to her otherwise all-black look!

  3. True Beauty

    I like the outfit but wish she did not wear colored contact lenses.

  4. She is pretty and the outfit is really stylish and I can overlook the fact that her dress doesn’t fit around her chest but her hair especially her roots ruin the clean, neat look.

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