These two cute and friendly Japanese girls posed for our photo in Harajuku. The Kiddyland shop in Harajuku was celebrating the “Hello Kitty Colors” 35th anniversary, so these girls came out to feed their Hello Kitty addiction. They are both wearing Hello Kitty hoodies. One hoodie is black with pink Kitty bows, while the other is pink with black Kitty bows. The girl with the silver hair also has a Kitty t-shirt. The girl with the cute hair bow is carrying a Hello Kitty handbag. They are both wearing black skirts, black stockings, and black ankle boots. In addition, the silver-haired girl has a Tommy Hilfiger bag. Speaking of bags, they are each carrying a shopping bag from Kiddyland. Surprise!

Cute Japanese Hello Kitty Girls

Hello Kitty Hoodie

Hello Kitty Handbag

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  1. The hoodies are so cute. The hair bow is cute too.
    I’d totally wear it.

  2. jasmin baba

    where are those hoodies from? can i find them online? kyaaaa chou kawaii

  3. Hi! Cute hoodies! Do you happen to know where they got it? Can’t find it online :(

  4. where can you find those sweaters im in love with themmm :)


  5. forget the clothes the girl with the silver hair caught my attention

  6. I love those hoodies and bags, Hello Kitty rules ^^

  7. omg sooooooooo cute i love the the bag hello kitty rules

  8. The grey/silverish hair is so awesome! I’ve been wanting do dye my hair in that exact same color for years now… But I just don’t want to bleach it >_<

  9. I’d die for that long silver hair!
    or do you think she is wearing extensions?

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