On Sunday night (April 18, 2010), Lady Gaga presided over the the second of her two sold-out shows at Yokohama Arena near Tokyo. We had so much fun hanging out with Gaga fans on Saturday (see our previous article, Lady Gaga’s Little Japanese Monsters) that we decided to head back out to Yokohama for Day Two. As we expected, a party atmosphere was in full effect hours before the concert doors even opened. We saw some familiar faces (many hardcore Lady Gaga fans went to both shows) and met a lot of cool fans that we hadn’t seen on the first day.

Of course we brought our cameras with us, and once again the Japanese Lady Gaga fans amazed and impressed us with their over-the-top fashion. Sure, we saw the large hair bows that Lady Gaga is known for (BTW, big hair bows have been quite popular in Shibuya for several years), but there were also a lot of handmade costumes, inspired-by fashions, totally original creations, and Japanese vs. Gaga style mashups (Lolita Gaga, Mori-Girl Gaga, Shibuya Gal Gaga, etc.) We couldn’t get pictures of every cool Lady Gaga fan we saw (that would require thousands of photos), but we tried to bring back a good collection for those of you that couldn’t make it to the show.

Before we get to the pics, we’d like to thank all of the Gaga fans who were nice enough to talk to us and to pose for our pictures on both days. A special shout-out to the amazingly awesome Japanese girl you see in the middle of the first two pictures below. She was totally cool and fun – so cool that we photographed her (and her huge Lady Gaga sign) on both days. Also, the girl in the last photo (at the bottom of the page) is obviously not Japanese. We saw her standing outside the arena trying to get a ticket for hours. We were too happy for her when she finally found a ticket for the sold-out show, so we took her picture with the ticket to celebrate. Enjoy the pictures!

As usual, we recommend the you click on the photos to see them at full size – the bigger the better!

Remember to click the pictures to see high resolution versions!

A big THANK YOU to all of the wonderful & beautiful Lady Gaga fans who we met at both of the Tokyo shows!

Don’t forget to check out Saturday’s Lady Gaga fan Japanese pictures as well.


  1. This is so amazing i love all the outfits lady gaga has really taken the world by storm!! I can not believe how cool and cute these outfuts really are cheers to everyone who loves her !

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  3. I am so glad somebody from my neighborhood made it so big in the world.

    Lower East Side, New York City for life!

  4. I can’t stand LG… but these peeps are pretty wicked. Most of them are WAAAAY prettier than her too, so they pull it off 100% better than her.

  5. joyeekins

    where are those city/ music life fold over boots available from?!?! there are soooo hot! website please? thanks! x

  6. Now these people are what I call gagettes….. They take their fan status very serious. Fair play to them.

  7. ya who ever said it

    Wow. Some of them actually look fiercer than Gaga!
    ya nd i agree

  8. kaylalorene

    That last picture is me! I am not wearing a costume per say but I am a diehard fan….this show was sold out and I stood there for over an hour with a small sign asking to buy 1 ticket and it worked! I bought an extra ticket from this nice old man, which I ended up having the seat next to him for the concert. It was amazing, best concert I’ve seen yet. Thanks for posting these pics, the fans in Japan go all out don’t they! I wonder how they can be comfortable in some of those outfits at the concert. I give them a lot of credit. I wore something a little more comfortable so I could dance in the dark!

  9. Ishotcherylcole

    stole their culture then sold it back to them….clever

  10. you guys are so hot, gaga would be proud

    XX000 for little monsters

  11. so cute super nice i like so much.i hope i can join you guyz.hmmmmm
    i love it!!!

  12. you guy are so cool….so cute super nice i like so much.i hope i can join you guyz.hmmmmm
    i love it!!!

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  14. Rachyroo

    Awww thats sweet :D I wish people in the UK were so willing to wear such outlandish and altogether awesome things ^^

  15. felicity

    I like that there were a few “Lord Gaga” guys there as well!

  16. Xposed Expo Miami

    I am not a fan of GaGa. She reminds me of Madonna during her wear your bra on the outside. I was raising my impressionable daughter at that time. I cannot say enough about the struggles between my child and I. No you can’t wear 50 crucifixes to school, no you can’t wear your bra on the outside of your clothes.

  17. Omg I am in love with these crazy outfits! i need to go to TOKYO! id sooo fit in!

  18. nice! they always perfect at doing cosplay! ♥

  19. nice pictures!!!! japanese little monsters rock!!! add me guys if u hav facebooks!!! ryn jen is my name at my facebook

  20. Stacey Steele

    Fashion is awesome. These pictures are awesome!!

  21. keren abis untuk foto yang terakhir !!!!!!!
    thanks for using batik
    i luv it !!!! ^_^

  22. the last pic is batik hihihi
    wow wow luv those pics =D
    awesome Japan fashion

  23. nomoko tim symbal

    am black man from west africa mali/
    now live in tokyo/
    so i love this country…and the japanese styl…
    i lovvvvvvvvvvvve jappppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee……/

  24. Holy sh!t i am going to tokyo and searching for a Japanese wife ♥___♥

  25. tra.slay.exe

    MUHAHAHA!!!<3 I love them all!! I want to live in Tokyo

  26. i like Lady Gaga’ style..she’s the only one and nothing’s the same..go for it!!!

  27. caramello

    isn’t one of them like a cosplay from Magnet (vocaloid)?

    nevertheless, it’s quite good! It’s nice to see how enthusiastic they are to dress up!

  28. Oh my gosh. Awesome clothes. >w<

    Thanks for sharing the photos. (May I be allowed to grab some? Will give credit it posted elsewhere~) Thanks. :)

  29. wow fantastic…………..suscess for u All guys..lady gaga

  30. Don’t really get how completely copying someone else’s image makes them ‘fashion forward’, just makes them a teeny bit obsessed >_<


  32. Havent seen so many twins in the same place, lol, everyone looks identical…love this though, what imagination…free to be what you want to be, whomever you want to be, just FABULOUS!

  33. Ohh, the girl with the green hair is adorable! :3

  34. Crazy fashion! There is nowhere else on earth you find these crazy & wonderful outfits …. out of this world!

  35. lady gagta deserve to have fans lik them i really love the one naken with the yellow ribbons