This cute girl with long auburn hair who we met in Harajuku is Misaki, a 17-year-old student. She didn’t share with us the sources of her clothing, but she did say that her favorite designer is Liz Lisa. Her outfit consists of a ruffled and tucked blue chambray blouse, a short floral print skirt, ankle socks with floral motifs and platform sandals with woven straps.

Her white crossbody bag is embellished with a big bow. Accessories include a bow ring and bow bracelet. A pink hair bow is the finishing touch.
Tucked Blouse, Floral Skirt & Woven Sandals

Japanese girl with long auburn hair & pink hair bow

White leather purse w/ large bow

Bow ring & bracelet

Floral socks & woven platform sandals

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  1. she’s just absolutely ADORABLE~~
    i like everything about her look <3

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her look and she’s sooooooooo KAWAII!!!!! >w< (cute)

  3. So romantic and subtly frilly – not over the top. Very well put together and adorable!

  4. Super feminine and girly without being too out there. :D I recognize the Liz Lisa-ness~ <3

  5. She looked so sweet & innocent… i love her style <3 <3 the colors combination that she used suitable & complete each others.

  6. She is so cute! I love the shirt and the whole tucked-down-in-the-skirt-thing. Mostly because I do the same with my jeans/shorts.

  7. Cutest thing I’ve seen in my life *-*
    Her style is adorable, and her face like a dolls!

  8. this is so fvcking cute!! I’m on love with the top and the bag!

  9. So cute I actually lop japanese fashion o-0

  10. i love the way she style her hair and also the combination of cloths make her look gorgeous! so cute,:)

  11. YOUNG_ROB101

    really really cute kinda seems like an american girls outfit… hey guys can you please go follow me @young_rob101 on twitter it’ll be nice to have a conversation about fashion with yall

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