While walking in Harajuku, our attention was caught with 19-year-old Maroi and 18-year-old Risa’s colorful and eclectic fashion styles.

Blue-haired Maroi’s outfit features a gray Kappa vest over a yellow Bed J.W. Ford button down shirt, pink zipper pants from Paul Smith, heeled ankle boots from Comme des Garcons, and a transparent belt bag from Banny Store. His accessories include a yellow cap, yellow sunglasses, safety pin earrings, and multiple rings. Maroi’s favorite brands/shops are Ganryu, Illig, Tripp NYC, and Banny Store. His favorite music includes BTS and Sekai No Owari. Maroi is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Risa’s ensemble consists of a Yoshio Kubo denim coat over a striped button down shirt and black shirt, a black skirt from Kappa, fishnet stockings, white socks, Dr. Martens high cut boots, and blue belt bag from Banny Store. Her accessories -some from Christian Dior- include a newsboy hat, layered necklaces, a black belt, baller band rings, and a silver bracelet. Risa’s favorite brands are Kenzo, Yoshio Kubo, Fred Perry & Christian Dior. Her favorite music are EXO and Wednesday Campanella. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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