Joyrich Bear w/ Odango Hairstyle, WEGO “Hug Me” Bag & Studded Platforms in Harajuku

This is Wam, a 19-year-old student we met on the streets of Harajuku. She is wearing a cute twin buns hairstyle (odango) and a head scarf.

Wam’s t-shirt is from Joyrich, it features a bear design and it reads “boy”. She is also wearing red, rolled-up pants (with the text “Butta Kup” printed on the front) and a WEGO bag which reads “hug me”. Other accessories include dinosaur earrings, a spike bracelet, a plastic ring and colorful bracelets, a geometric necklace, round sunglasses and studded platforms worn with checkered socks.

She is on Twitter if you want to look her up.

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    Betty B (June 6, 2013)

    I want that top and bag (*>o

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