Here’s a Japanese guy who some of you may recognize – it’s Kenny Creation. Kenny is the singer of the band I Am Still In The Haze, a tattoo artist, a DJ, a regular at Tokyo Decadence events, and the founder of the Tokyo Steampunk Society. He’s also fluent in English.

When we spotted Kenny near Shibuya 109, he was wearing an outfit that included a number of steampunk accessories. We didn’t ask him where these specific items came from, but Kenny makes a lot of his own steampunk creations. He’s also wearing tall platform boots.

If you’d like to know more about Kenny – as well as his numerous projects – check out his official Twitter. Also, the Tokyo Steampunk Society will have a big party at Shibuya Trump Room on July 27th – check details on their Facebook page.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    Sensational shoes & interesting whistle & charm necklace !

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