Here is Kimura Yu, someone so adorable that you have to meet her in person to fully understand her kawaii-ness! Kimura Yu is a model for the Japanese fashion magazine Kera, as well as having modeled for lots of popular Harajuku brands. She is also a singer.

Kimura Yu is wearing a pretty pastel outfit that features a fuzzy blue coat over a graphic dress, Nile Perch graphic tights, purple socks and lavender boots. Accessories include a fuzzy blue beret decorated with colorful bows (her own remake), a large Milklim decoration on her jacket, an Angelic Pretty necklace, cute bows, and an Angelic Pretty heard handbag. She’s also carrying a shopping bag from the Harajuku shop Listen Flavor.

If you’d like to know more about Kimura Yu, check out her official Facebook page, where she posts lots of pictures and updates in English, or follower her on Twitter.

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  1. She is out of this world kawaii <3 even the paper bags goes very well with her corde!!

  2. Carolinasunny

    Her boots are wonderful! I also loved her coat.

  3. Her eyes, eyes, coat… it all but her shoes

  4. samantha ozpunk

    love that coat but I’d change the gold buttons. where did the coat come from?

  5. I really like those boots and the jacket, especially the gold buttons! I feel like it would be extremely easy to incorporate those pieces into any wardrobe.

  6. I love Yu xD Her style is really sweet but it lets me think I can still get away with all this cute pastel stuff if I spice it up somehow; which she always does.
    Her hair is always fabulous too .

  7. She’s one of my favourite Japanese models. She’s so ridiculously cute, whatever she wears!

  8. i love everything about this outfit especially the stockings and boots

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