This cute girl with a pink bow on top of her head is Shichan, an 18-year-old high school student. Her outfit consists of pieces from Kinji, a Harajuku resale clothing store, and includes a long pink flowered skirt, a long white shirt, a white sweater and a pink crochet shawl.

Shichan’s tan leather oxford shoes from Spinns match her tan leather purse. Her accessories, which include a furry scarf and the bow on her head, are from the flea market.

When we asked, Shichan told us her favorite music is by Capsule, Vocaloid and Shiina Ringo.

Kinji, Spinns & Flea Market Fashion

Crochet shawl & fur scarf

Bob hair & bow

Tan leather purse

Oxford shoes from Spinns

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  1. I love her style!
    Ah, the name is wrong, is not “Vocalvoid”, is “Vocaloid” ^ – ^

  2. Thanks for the correction, Sayuri. Fixed the Vocaloid typo in the article. :-)

  3. I think she’s about 60 years too young to be wearing a shawl and cardigan like that, it’s like Kiki’s Delivery Service as a grandma. But still, somehow she still pulls it all off.

  4. Nathalie

    Bit sad to see fur is popular among young Japanese. Would be a cool outfit without the dead animal around her neck…

  5. Becktosai

    i agree with her being too young for this frumpy look. Buut the little white bow on top is reminiscent of the vocaloid Rin Kagamine. I like it still.

  6. dondondon

    Adooooooooooooooreable!! Lovelovelovelove this outfit! *-*
    I’m even two years younger than her and I would happily wear this. WHACHU GONNA DO ABOUT IT~

  7. non sibi

    Nathalie – do not be sad, it is a faux fur :)

  8. Glad to hear it’s faux fur ;-) But, most Japanese girls do prefer to real fur 本物 It’s everywhere. It’s a bit sad…

    I miss Harajuku. I worked on Omotesando for a couple of years and the fashion is generally pretty awesome

  9. she looks really cute!! and love the taste of music she has!!!

  10. The pink shawl gives a refreshing touch to her look. And the vintage shoes, skirt with her flowery socks are just beautiful!

  11. I believe the style she is wearing is called Mori.

  12. I agree with lala, it’s called Mori Girl.
    It’s a very common style in Japan, very much teenagers dress this way.
    I really love the style too and don’t mind haters or the heat.