These girls are Dongmin and Yuni, and we recently ran into them in Harajuku. The former told us she’s a monster, and that she’s 17, while the latter is a 16-year-old angel. They are part of the Kim Twins crew, who we see around Harajuku regularly.

Dongmin is wearing a Forever21 blouse with a resale lace corset on top, and a pastel harness from Avantgarde Harajuku. Her shorts are also a resale, worn with white tights and Dr. Martens boots. Her ruffled bag is from AAbab. She is also wearing a Long Clothing beanie, cameo hair ties and a star ring. Her hair is red, in twin tails, and she’s wearing colored contacts. Long Clothing is her favorite brand, and she likes K-pop music as well as The Wanted. Find out more about her on Twitter.

Yuni is wearing a black t-shirt from Uniqlo, with rectangular pins featuring Korean text. Her shorts are a resale, she’s wearing neon lace sneakers with socks, and she told us that some of her accessories are from Monomania. We also noticed a cosmic print Village Vanguard backpack, a beanie and bandana, and a red cross ring. Yuni’s favorite store is Monomania, and she likes K-pop music as well.

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  1. ^^ I love the styles, and the fact they like K-Pop, I chuckled abit when I saw the ‘Sehun’ Name Tags. hehe.

  2. LMAO. The one in black is an EXO fan. I see Sehunie’s name on her nametag. :)))