Pee & Poo Hoodie & “JAPANESE” Backpack in Tokyo

We spotted this Japanese guy on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku. We decided to photograph him because he is wearing a couple of brands that are really popular with a specific group of Japanese girls and guys. The two Japanese fashion brands that almost his entire outfit come from are CocoLulu and WC by Chinatsu Wakatsuki (which is sold at the WEGO clothing chain).

His hoodie features an all-over print of the cute WC characters called “PEE & POO”. He’s also wearing a WC backpack with the word “JAPANESE” in large print, drop crotch (sarueru) pants, leggings or tall socks, CocoLulu sneakers, and a knit beanie. His PEE & POO hoodie is a really popular item from WC (it’s sold out on their website) and we’ve seen it around Shibuya and Harajuku a lot – being worn by both guys and girls.

WC and CocoLulu Fashion

Pee & Poo Hoodie

Japanese Backpack by WC

Japanese Backpack by WC

CoCoLuLu Sneakers

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  1. 1.

    uma chan... (April 20, 2010)


  2. 2.

    Zoe (April 20, 2010)

    Those pants, tights & sneakers look so cool!

  3. 3.

    Sara Mari (April 20, 2010)

    I have that hoodie!

  4. 4.

    MissingPrince (April 21, 2010)

    Can you buy that hoodie from the WC website if you live outside of Japan?

  5. 5.

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  6. 6.

    Reitsu (April 21, 2010)

    I like his sneakers! :D

  7. 7.

    Heather (April 21, 2010)

    I really like this outfit I just would have worn a better looking beanie or not have worn one but that backpack is super nice like I want that and his pants lol

  8. 8.

    rabbit (April 21, 2010)

    It’s very colorfull but doesn’t make my head spinning – looks cool (not my style but cool). And I love his backpack!

  9. 9.

    Gamma Star (April 22, 2010)

    Where can I get that back pack? I love the shoes

  10. 10.

    Lady Caos (April 26, 2010)

    Very cool!!!

  11. 11.

    bo (July 14, 2010)

    does anyone else notice that the hoodie says “pee” and “poo”
    i did..

  12. 12.

    Lalala (July 14, 2010)

    Pee and Poo is the name of the brand you noob.

  13. 13.

    Kiharu (November 3, 2010)


    \(>O<)/ ♥♥♥♥♥ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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