Here are two 19-year-old students that we photographed in Harajuku. The girl on the left is Ayumi. She’s wearing a plush coat from Jouetie over a dress that she bought used at Panama Boy. She’s also wearing black tights, patterned socks and black creepers from R&E. Accessories include a leopard print cross-body bag from Thrasher and a Beatles button on her coat.

The girl on the right with twin hair buns (odango in Japan) is Shiori. Her outfit includes a leather jacket, a fringed t-shirt from Forever 21 and a chiffon skirt with an animal print from Nadia. Her suede shoes are from Spinns. Shiori’s accessories include a fur muffler, large red cross on a necklace, a silver cat ring and a Vivienne Westwood silver armor ring. She’s carrying a bright blue backpack.

Both Ayumi and Shiori are wearing glittery nail polish. When we asked them about their favorite fashion source they both said Nadia. Ayumi told us her favorite musical group is The Beatles while Shiori likes One OK Rock.

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  1. Theyre both so beautiful! And I love Shiori’s armor ring…!!

  2. Wow, they are both extremely pretty. :D I love that they aren’t wearing too much makeup or anything.