This friendly girl is Mari, a sales staffer who is 22 years old. Her outfit, which consists of items from used and resale shops, has a very retro feel. She’s wearing a peasant blouse over a long-sleeved shirt with a short denim skirt. Her stylish brown oxford shoes with wingtip details are worn with white cuffed socks and black stockings. She’s carrying a large tan leather purse, also purchased used.

Mari’s jewelry consists of a necklace with the letter R as a pendant. She’s showing her Mighty Harajuku button in the last photo below.
Retro Peasant Blouse & Short Denim Skirt

Retro Peasant Blouse & Short Denim Skirt

Resale tan bag

Oxford high heel shoes with cuffed socks

Might Harajuku button & R necklace

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  1. For some reason I prefer the day shots ^^

    Love the R necklace and general feel of the outfit


  2. Glen Cox

    lovely cute girl, nice outfit would be right at home here in Houston,Texas USA