This rocking couple are both members of a band. On the right is 28-year-old Kensuke Kamijo. He’s wearing a leather jacket from Jimsinn with a khaki shirt from a resale shop and white Uniqlo skinny jeans. His red and black creepers from 666 are by George Cox. Kamijo’s accessories include a red scarf, a spiked leather wristband and a Ramones button.

The cute girl on the left didn’t tell us her name, but we’re fans of her resale leopard print coat, white blouse, leather corset and short red skirt from Zara. She’s also wearing George Cox creepers with black tights. Her red vinyl handbag is by Anna Sui. Accessories include a couple of cool rings and a spiked leather wristband like Kamijo’s.

Kamijo’s favorite music is by The Cro-Magnons and his favorite sources for fashion are used clothing and resale shops. His friend told us she listens to rock n roll, The Ramones, Blue Hearts and Lew Lewis and likes the fashions of Jimsinn, Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood and 666.

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  1. Her face reminds me a little of Makiron!
    It’s so strange, but so interesting to see people in Japan wearing fashions that were popular here in the UK 30+ years ago X3

  2. Miss Giddy

    I just LOVE her hair, its just so perfect