We were lucky to run into Hikapu and Daichi – well known in Tokyo for being one of Japanese street fashion’s cutest couples – on the street in Harajuku. When they are seen together, their coordinates are often color-matched and thematically linked. The theme on this day was Snoopy!

Hikapu – with pink twin tails and a “Lack of Sleep” cap – is wearing an orange resale Snoopy t-shirt with belted shorts from GU, Snoopy socks, and yellow Converse high top sneakers. Her fuzzy Woodstock purse was won from a Japanese UFO Catcher game. Hikapu’s favorite singer is Miliyah Kato and she likes shopping at GU. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for lots more pictures and video.

Daichi – with green hair – is wearing a Charlie Brown “Pardon My Swag” t-shirt from Village Vanguard with resale torn jeans, and Adidas sneakers. His fuzzy Snoopy handbag was also won in a UFO Catcher game. Daichi likes shopping at Uniqlo and he listens to Ikon. Find him on Instagram and Twitter as well.

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