Gero & Nao are two 17-year-old Japanese high school students who we see around Harajuku often. In fact, Gero is a longtime participant in Harajuku Fashion Walk, and a member of Harajuku’s decora subculture.

Gero, on the left, is wearing a colorful top and colorful pants (both picked up resale) with platform sneakers that she bought in Harajuku. Accessories include colorful makeup, a studded bustier, butterfly hair clips, a large dollar sign necklace, a Simpsons tote bag, and a SpongeBob Squarepants backpack. Gero is a longtime Lady Gaga fan, and she likes shopping at Panama Boy in Harajuku. You can find her on Twitter for more info!

Nao, on the right, is wearing a matching SpongeBob Squarepants backpack. Her look also includes a Rolling Stones t-shirt, polka dot skirt, striped socks, and orange WEGO creepers. Her most noticeable accessory is a large popcorn necklace. Nao told us that she’s a fan of Disney, and that she’s active on Twitter!

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  1. Aw! Gotta love these girls! I admire how some people make the really insane style work out so well. Besided I love the cartoon bags :D

  2. BBaii-chan

    Give me the spongebob backpack on the left *-*

  3. Alexis M.

    Why can’t Philly be this creative actually I think the world would be a slightly better place lol XD I mean it!!

  4. @Alexix M. My city seems so dull too… I’d love to live somewhere like this day-to-day.

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