Here’s a friendly Japanese girl with a whimsical look that embraces the fun aspects of Harajuku street fashion.

Her outfit includes a cute DIY hat decorated with flowers and a toy giraffe, a sheer lace top over a knit sweater, a pretty lace dress, white tattoo tights (the designs are on the back of her legs, visible in the purse closeup), and yellow platform heels. Accessories – many of which are DIY – include an animal charm necklace, a pink jet brooch, a large ring, a squirt gun, and a graphic bag decorated with colorful sheer lace.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.


  1. I loooooove it! I love the way she combined white lacey dress with colorful accessories, bag, shoes and make it her own unique style. Kawaii!

  2. wow. where to start? soft, creamy, sexy, beautiful. especially like the shoes and hat. great balance of cutesie pie and smoking subtle sexiness.

  3. Mikuchwa

    Waaah ! Elle est vraiment choupinette ! J’aime le mélange dentelle blanche / accessoires coloré !!!

  4. Rarely do I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT AN OUTFIT, but this.
    This is gold.

  5. Your look is very, very nice!!
    Greetings from Spain!!
    I love Japan!!