This Japanese couple is an example of very eclectic style. On the left is Mitake, who said her job is “Tamiflu Girl.” We’ve pictured Mitake here in the past. This time she’s wearing a white top from World Wide Love and a blue dress with a cloud pattern print from Spank Me.

Mitake said her white sandals are nurse’s shoes. She’s wearing them with fuchsia tights and orange fishnet stockings. Her accessories include a fuchsia feather hat. She’s carrying a shopping bag from Nincompoop Capacity (a shop in the Kita-Kore Building in Koenji). She also has a green net bag covered with yellow chiffon roses.

Mitake’s favorite brand is 6%DokiDoki. You can visit her Japanese-language website here.

The guy with Mitake is a high school student named Jan. He’s wearing a traditional Japanese kimono and woven obi sash. He’s carrying a leather bag that he borrowed from his mother and has decorated with a large black tassel. He borrowed his traditional geta wooden sandals from his grandmother.

When he’s dressed in contemporary style, Jan’s favorite brand is Uni-qlo.
Spank Me Dress & Traditional Kimono

World Wide Love top & Spank Me dress

Net bag with yellow chiffon roses

Nincompoop Capacity bag

White sandals, fuchsia tights & orange fishnets

Traditional kimono & obi

Leather bag with black tassel

Wooden geta sandals

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  1. I love her look so bright and colourful, her feather hat is amazing xoxo

  2. yes her feathers are amazing, suepr cute!
    and i love his bag.
    an very onordinary couple :D

  3. Dominique

    her stocking are so cool! I love how bright it is

  4. haha I love how she doesn’t care that her toes go off the front of her shoes! and her cute cloud dress^^ his kimono is cool too..^^

  5. Ahh great!! Mitake-chan! She is always so great. I met her twice in person, once she was wearing a pink wig and Anna Sui crown, and the other day a Yukata! She is SO cute..She does a great job of reinventing the 90’s FRUiTS magazine style..The kind of “uncool is cool” thing, and she does it great. She’s one to watch. -Street Fashion Illustrations!

  6. Love the girl’s tights and bag! I freakin need an item of clothing that says “Nincompoop Capacity” on it. And the guy’s whole outfit is awesome.

    And I have to ask, when I read her job as “Tamiflu Girl” the first thought that popped into my head was “erm, is that a cute way of saying ‘drug dealer’?!” but i’m sure it refers to something else? Anyone care to enlighten me?