Emma is 18 years old and works at Nadia Harajuku as well as being a Zipper Magazine model. She looked cute (as she always does) in her casual outfit and with a charming smile, so we asked if we could snap some photos.

Emma is wearing a striped strapless top over a white t-shirt from Nadia with denim shorts from Forever 21. She is also wearing an Oakland Raiders cap, a purple watch, bracelets and colorful nail art – as well as carrying a canvas bag from American Apparel. She finished the outfit with platform Converse from Nadia, and her accessories are from the same shop.

When asked what her favorite shops are, Emma quickly replied Nadia and American Apparel. Her favorite music is 2NE1 and Beast. She is on Twitter here.

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  1. i went at harajuku last sunday .. and im looking for Nadia store to buy platform converse shoes. but i couldn’t find Nadia store :(

  2. @ezra – There are two Nadia shops in Harajuku now. The original Nadia is across the street from AvantGarde Harajuku (a couple blocks away from Meiji Dori). The other one is almost directly across Cat Street from Candy Stripper.

  3. thank you so much for the reply :D and sorry .. im using google map but its all in japanese and its difficult for me .. thanks a lot .. ill google it again .. :D

  4. sorry :( i know its too much .. but . do you know the exact address of the shop ? or do they have a website ? :D i really want those converse shoes :(

  5. Hello friends! Can you say me how could i buy this shoes? what i should do? cause i have no experience in buying from internet shops,especially foreign. Thanks for answer.