Bunka Fashion Student w/ Upside-Down Shirt & Unique Footwear

This fashion devotee with white and green hair is Ryo, a 19-year-old Bunka Fashion College student. He’s wearing an upside-down shirt that he bought used at Candy and a black dress from one of the Koenjii vintage stores in the Kitakore Building. His unique footwear is also from the Kitakore Building.

Ryo’s accessories include several studs in his ears, some eye-catching rings and an ankle bracelet made from safety pins. He’s carrying a Prada backpack.

Ryo told his that his favorite places to shop for resale fashion are Dog and the Kitakore Building. His favorite music is by 9mm Parabellum Bullet.
Bunka Fashion student in upside-down shirt & dress

Guy w/ white & green hair in shirt from Candy

Ear studs & green streaks

Prada backpack

Eye-catching rings

Unique shoes from Kitakore Building

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  1. ケイリーちゃん

    i really like seeing boys wearing long skirts on this site!

  2. i’m gushing over this dude’s ensemble right now. he makes me more confident to wear a similar outfit i have~ get it~

  3. the shoes are a bit wierd lol
    and i would wear a skirt too if the girls think its cute lol

  4. I love everything about this, but I really don’t understand the shoes.

  5. im really not digging this look a lil bit too wierd, awesome hair and piercings tho :)

  6. I absolutely LOVE his saftypin ankle bracelet….might go out and buy a bunch of safety pins now…lol

  7. Sha Sha Daoud

    I love this guys style so much! I would love shopping with him! What a pioneer for men. So much respect xx

  8. i love his hair! and his outfit is also very amazing^^

  9. Awesome. Love his rings.
    The golden necklace is quite nice!
    So cool his ankle accesories too!!
    I want his glasses *-*

  10. I love that safety pin anklet! Does anyone know how I can make one like that? I looked around online, but none looked like this, just weird ones with beads n stuff…