Harajuku Girls w/ Colorful Hairstyles in Candye Syrup, Listen Flavor, Nile Perch, Glad News, Ponicomonyura, Yosuke & WC

In Harajuku, we met this trio of girls sporting goth-inspired street fashion and colorful hairstyles. They are Shumai (right), Sugar (middle),a student, and Melon-Chan (left), a piano player. Let’s take a look at their outfits:

At the right with purple and blue hair is Shumai, sporting a Glad News black and white t-shirt dress, Yosuke platform creepers, and a Restyle leather backpack. Her accessories include a Bless nose ring, a labret piercing, and a white wristwatch. Shumai’s favorite fashion labels are Glad News and Killstar. Her favorite bands/artists include One OK Rock, Las Vegas and Animation soundtracks. She is active on Twitter and Instagram.

At the middle, Sugar’s outfit consists of a Ponicomonyura bear shirt over a short pleated skirt, ruffle bow socks, Reebok sneakers, and a purple backpack from Swimmer. Her accessories include hair bows and clips, round eyeglasses, earrings, a lace bow choker with a pendant, a purple unicorn necklace, a purple bracelet and a pink ring. Sugar’s favorite brands are Ank Rouge, Nile Perch, Zzz Tokyo and Itazura. Her favorite music bands/artists are Vocaloid, Idol, and Animation soundtracks. Follow her on Twitter.

And lastly at the left sporting black and teal hair, Melon-Chan is wearing a hoodie sweater from MIE over Candye Syrup bottoms, black socks over fishnet stockings, and WC platform bow shoes. Her accessories include hair bun covers, a transparent spike choker from Listen Flavor, spike lip piercings, leather cuff bracelets, and a thigh garter, also from Listen Flavor, and a unicorn stuffed toy from Nile Perch. Melon’s favorite brands are Nile Perch and Killstar and she listens to underground music. She is active on Twitter.

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