Three Harajuku Girls w/ Matching Pastel E Hyphen World Gallery Dresses

These three 17-year-old students caught our eye while walking together on the streets of Harajuku, so we stopped them for a brief chat and street snaps.

Kayori is the tallest of the bunch, pictured to the right, with a flower crown on her head. She is wearing a lilac dress from E hyphen world gallery with a lilac bomber jacket from Nadia and a heart shaped pendant. Her lace tights are from Dazzlin, worn with lace-up boots she bought online. Her tote bag is American Apparel, and she pinned some badges and brooches to it. Her favorite places to shop are Nadia and American Apparel, and she likes listening to Katy Perry and One Direction. On Twitter, her handle is @yuchu_9.

Next is Kana, in the middle, with braided tails and a mint beret. She’s wearing an E hyphen world gallery dress with a WEGO leather jacket and tights, and a necklace that matches Kayori’s. Her bag is Alice in Tiny Room, with pins and badges added, and her mustard shoes are from the same WEGO. Kana told us she like to shop at Milk and Katie, and that her favorite singer is Taylor Swift. You can find her on Twitter as well.

Ayano is the one to the left, with twin tails. Like the other girls, she’s wearing an E hyphen world gallery dress – hers is pink. She paired it with a lilac Milklim bomber jacket and a “princess” badge from Plaza, as well as WEGO tights with crosses below the knees. Her strawberry bag and her polka dot rocking horse shoes are both from Swimmer. Her stars and horse charm bracelet is from Labyrinth and the heart pendant necklace is Foverer21. When shopping, Ayano usually opts for Milklim, Swimmer, Katie and Milk. Her favorite bands and singers are Amoyamo, Arashi, Mao Abe and Tommy february6. Here is where you can find her on Twitter.

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  1. I agree with Hiroto! martnes boots looks cool with rest of girl’s outfit and break sweetness making her look a bit edgy what is great! all girls look cute

  2. I LOVE THE SECOND LAST CHARM BRACELET IT IS PERFECT! I love how they all are coordinated with their clothing and how all of them are wearing a heart necklace !