Harajuku Vintage Streetwear Styles w/ Colored Hair, Orange Hoodie & Number Nine Sweater

We spotted Taira and Kiku, whose colored hair and casual street styles caught our eye in Harajuku.

On the right is Kiku with light green hair and an olive green sweater from Number (N)ine. The 17-year-old student also wore vintage denim jeans with frayed hems and vintage black leather shoes. A white T-shirt, a white face mask under his chin, and a vintage crossbody bag with tiered ruffles completed his look. As for his favorites, Kiku loves fashion brand Balmung and music from Sleet Mage. For more on Kiku, follow him on Instagram.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Taira wore a vintage burnt orange hooded jacket with olive green panels and black zippered trims. He also wore vintage khaki corduroy pants with contrasting brown patches on the front. A blond mullet and leather boots with yellow laces finished off his look. Follow Taira on Instagram.

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