Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S Collection

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On Friday, October 21st, Japanese label Junya Tashiro showcased their 2012 Spring/Summer collection on the runway at Belle epoque College of Beauty.

Junya Tashiro was born in Saga in 1974. After graduating from the Mode Styling College at the Human Academy in Fukuoka, he worked in the apparel industry until he started his eponymous label in 2004. He has participated in Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo. His designs draw from contemporary pop culture, such as anime and movies. He often employs patterns as well as lace and light colors.

The Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S collection presented at Japan Fashion Week was inspired by a 2008 fantasy novel written by the Japanese author Sachika. Junya Tashiro collaborated with the author of the book on the production of the show, and the presentation had a fairy tale-esque feel to it (apparently similar to those in the novel). The show closed with a girl in a wedding dress, presumably representing “happily ever after”.

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Junya Tashiro 2012 Spring/Summer

Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S (9)
Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S (16)
Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S (23)
Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S (32)
Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S (43)
Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S (48)
Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S (65)

Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S (70)
Junya Tashiro 2012 S/S (71)

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