Mini Skirts & Denim w/ Chico, H&M, Bershka & Nadia Harajuku

Meet Nanako and Maho, a couple of 18 year old students we met in Harajuku. Both of them were wearing denim, and they told us they’re fans of Big Bang.

Nanako is pictured to the right, with her pastel hair down. She goes to specialty school and is wearing a striped mini and black t-shirt, both from Chico. Her denim shirt is a resale. Her purple backpack is from Jansport and her creepers are Nadia. She is also wearing a Sister choker, and told us American Apparel is her favorite store.

Maho is the one in the left of the picture, and she studies at the beauty college. She is wearing a denim top over a lace one, which she got at H&M and Forever21. The jacket is from Bershka, and she bought her mini skirt in Korea. Her tote bag is from her favorite shop, American Apparel, and so are her white canvas sneakers. She is also wearing small earrings from Santa Monica (the Tokyo resale shop). Maho is active on Twitter, if you want to follow her.

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