Pierced †13th Moon† Band Member Dressed in Head-to-Toe Black

This edgy blonde guy with multiple face piercings is 24-year-old Amuca, a member of †13th Moon† (a dark punk band). He’s wearing a black wool jacket that was received as a gift with a black knit scarf and black skinny pants from April 77.

Accessories from Garni and Vivienne Westwood include a signet ring, a silver armor ring, several earrings and an eye ring. His black suede boots are imported and his studded crossbody bag is handmade.

Amuca told us that his favorite fashion source is Virgin Black and that his favorite music is by Gotterdammerung, Bauhaus and Cinema Strange.

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  1. ミ☆ツbonbon

    this guy looks v cool. it looks like he has snake tongue-splitting? not crazy about that type of body mod but it fits his gothic punk image.

  2. Waow, sexyyyyyyyyyy omg >~<

    and he actually does remind me of shin-chan from nana, agreeing with other commenter :D

    omg if only some guy like him moves to my school when in 17 i'll rape him. LOLOL jk jk.

    UUghhgghghgh jesus his style is awesome.

  3. Dreaded Queen

    I agree with odessey. But Owwwwwww his tongue !!! Love his look tho .

  4. I want to give him a hug. Seriously. Can I give him a hug? That piercing on his eye…. It looks like it’d hurt… And the split tongue, not my favorite, but he’s got personality, and I love that~!!! XD I ALSO love how the clothes have so many different layers and lengths, and how it’s all like, the same shade of black. <33

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  6. Oh! Sweetness. What a cutie. I LOVE his split tongue. I like how the fanny-pack-now-turned-stylish-sling-bag is a fashionable trend for guys in Japan. Somehow I think that trend might be hard to pull off if he was over where I am. Love his Westwood and Garni accessories.

  7. No names Revenge

    His outfit is awesome. Wtf are ppl like his living??!!

  8. i’m speechless. he’s perfect. i wish i can meet someone like him someday when i visit Japan. cinema strange and bauhaus are my favorite bands too