Somarta 2011 S/S

The 11th Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo is happening! Several times each day,’s contributors are reporting back from runway shows all over town.

On Friday, October 22nd, Japanese label Somarta showcased their 2011 Spring/Summer collection on the runway at Tokyo Midtown. This show featured several new versions of the Somarta bodysuits that have become famous since Lady Gaga started wearing them. Besides the bodysuits, the S/S collection featured dresses, leggings, outwear, and other pieces in various shimmering and sparkling fabrics. The runway models were also wearing metallic heelless platform footwear that left most of the crowd in awe.

Somarta has been showing at JFW since 2007 Spring/Summer, where the label won the Newcomer’s Prize At Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix. The label was founded by Bunka Fashion College graduate Tamae Hirokawa. She joined Issey Miyake Co., Ltd. shortly after graduation. Hirokawa’s talent and hard work rose her quickly within the company. Within five years, she was in charge of the Issey Miyake Men and Issey Miyake lines. In 2006, she started her own design firm called Soma Designs, where she worked on projects ranging from fashion to graphic design to sound direction. The label Somarta was a part of this firm.

Hirokawa is well-known for her conceptual – as opposed to functional – approach to clothing design. She’s used metal plates, pleats, and embroidery in a single piece. Her recent work includes many takes on bodysuits and models in Maori make-up. Molfic creator Takashi Mori provides the soundtrack for Somarta shows, under his Pianostalgia project.

Please click the thumbnails below to check out the full sized versions of all of the pictures for yourself.

Somarta 2011 Spring/Summer

Somarta 2011 S/S
Somarta Bodysuit
Somarta Bodysuit
Somarta 2011 S/S

Somarta 2011 S/S
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  2. wooww…..very nice :D
    interesting, modern…..i like it :)

  3. Unfortunately this is a cheap copy of Alexander McQueens last collection before he died. It’s “ok” to get’ inspired by’ , but this is just too obvious and

  4. Stylist Nicola says same thing about Somarta.
    sometime ppl can’t get away from the past master’s image but it is surface and just images.

    Nothing is original in this world which made by craftsmanship but always surpass master of the past. That is why her images step along the great master but her Japanese textile are very unique and original. came out from her background doesn’t convince by embroidery or digital print. her signature is 3 dimensional fabrications before him.
    who can create body tights with multiple yarn without seam and techno textiles.
    this is not Gucci doing Mark Fast

    top that, lifestyle comes along fashion
    need to see diversity of culture
    this is not all about glam.
    acceptability and capability

  5. original or not, what I wanna know is how the heck can they walk in those shoes??! O_O They’re like… HIGH and with NO HEELS! still like the outfits though ^_^ the alien, future shoes work with ’em too. I can’t imagine how they feel! It’s amazing that no one fell! I bet you they had tons of practice to walk in them! I WANT A PAIR~! *_*

  6. remind me of Alexander Mcqueen’s Platos Atlantis…Anyway pretty intersting~:)

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