Aki is a friendly 18-year-old Bunka Fashion College student who we have street snapped several times before. We were taken by her blonde bob and round sunglasses when we ran into her in Harajuku.

Aki chose a green and blue plaid dress from the Tokyo resale shop Hanjiro. She paired it with a red heart-shaped bag which she bought somewhere in Koenji, and with burgundy creepers from La Foret, the famous Harajuku fashion mall. Her accessories – from Kinsella, Monomania and Bubbles Harajuku – include a choker, bracelets and a ring.

Her favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood, and Aki told us we can find her on Twitter, @akix2828.

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  1. several things why i especially love this corde:
    Blonde hair + round glasses
    Her chunky creepers + black laced socks
    Monomania + Bubbles (both brands I really love!)