Tokyo fashion is related to many areas of Japanese pop culture. From the influences that Japanese fashion designers feel growing up in a hyper consumer society, to the influence of Manga and Anime, to the numerous collaborations with Japanese artist and photographers, to the very food they eat. Tokyo fashion does not exist in a vacuum, and sometimes the best way to find out more about the fashion, is to find out more about Japan itself. To that end, we present a group of discussion forums where people who are interested in Japan and Japanese culture can come together and discuss issues related to fashion and related to other aspects of the culture which may not be directly related to fashion. Here are a few of the available forums:

  • Japanese Fashion Forum – A forum where people interested in Japanese fashion discuss – and argue over – their favorite brands, designers, shops, and more.
  • Anime and Manga Forum – A place for Japanese anime and manga fans to talk about the latest shows, movies, books, and magazines, and well as contemplating the classics and other related topics.
  • Living in Japan Forum – Japanese fashion is strongly influenced by the experiences of Japanese designers living inside of Tokyo and other Japanese cities. What are those experiences like? How can you live in Japan if you want to? Everything from day-to-day issues to visa questions and culture customs are discussed here.
  • Japanese Music Forum – Fashion – at least cool fashion – can’t exist without music. Famous Japanese brands like Hysteric Glamour and World Wide Love are all about the interaction between music and fashion. Whether you’re into JRock, JPop, or another other type of Japanese music, you’ll find info and discussion on it here.
  • Japanese Art Forum – Takashi Murakami’s collaboration with French fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton is just one of the many Japanese art and fashion collaborations going on around the world right now. Before there can be a collaboration, there has to be some great Japanese contemporary art – this forum is dedicated to just that topic..
  • Japanese Food Forum – Everyone eats. If you love Japanese fashion, you might just like Japanese food. If you don’t, maybe you will after meeting the people who hang out in this forum. Izakaya, sushi, red bean ice cream? It’s all here.


  • Japan Forum – an active site with various Japan-related forums.