Japanese Designer in Custom Headpiece, Armani Jacket, Wide Short Pants, Kagari Yusuki Bag & Platform Boots

Airi is a young Japanese fashion designer – she just graduated from Vantan Fashion High School in Tokyo – who we often see around the streets of Harajuku and Shibuya.

When we ran into Airi this time, she was wearing a custom headpiece by Rou-chan with a striped Armani jacket over a sailor top, wide cutoff pants that she made herself with a large belt and belt buckle, a vintage metal necklace, a white plush seal, a bag by Kagari Yusuki, and vintage 1990s platform boots with velcro straps.

Airi told us that her favorite fashion designers right now include Tiscar Espadas and Les Six. You can see her fashion design and follow her Tokyo life on Instagram and Twitter.

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